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Passivehouse »Wohnen & Arbeiten«

Walter-Gropius-Strasse 22 • D-79100 Freiburg
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The Idea 
What is a Passivehouse? 
Why an alternative Sanitation Concept? 
Energy Concept 
Research Outcomes 
The Cost 
Co-generation Unit 
Sanitation Concept 
Biogas Plant 
Grey Water Facility 
Residents, Owners 
Guided Tours
Art Project 

Guided tours in our passivehouse

You may book also guided tours in our passivehouse or on the Vauban district.

We are sorry that - due to the high demand - we are not able to give free guided tours or visits.

If these internet pages might not have answered your questions, please feel free to write to Andreas Delleske, delleske(at)vauban.deor use the contact form.

Should you need more services like bus transfers, dinner, if you'd like to visit other ecologicaly interesting places, we recommend contacting  Freiburg Future Lab, a small company specialized on ecological tours in Freiburg and around.

Topics of our guided tours:

  • The initiators and history of our project
  • Aims and accomplishments
  • Technical details of the passivhouse
  • Several passive house definition
  • South orientation, effect of the trees
  • Windows and shadowing
  • Thermal insulation of the outer walls
  • Heat bridges
  • Dynamical building simulation / light simulation
  • Internal heat gains
  • Solar collectors (heat and electricity separately)
  • Construction details of walls and the roof
  • Air exchange system and exhaust gas
  • Heating room, heat storage, heat exchanger, co-generation unit
  • Heat "recycling"
  • Cost-benefit-relation of the different measures
  • Measures we did not realize and why
  • Construction costs, Pay-off time
  • Research outcomes
  • Alternative sanitation concept
  • Vacuum toilettes
  • Grey-water treatment
  • Biogas plant
  • Treatment of biowaste
  • Cooking gas
  • Situation of our biogas plant today
  • The house without waste-water
  • Rain-water use in Freiburg
  • Food cycle (Phosphorous)
Freiburg Future Lab, Mrs. Astrid Mayer

Organisation of the guided tours
  Email: info(at)
Vox: +49 (0) 761 / 4002640

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